Lisa Harding has spent 5 seasons in the Arctic and Antarctic as science support staff for the National Science Foundation. Her polar experience includes work as a field coordinator at McMurdo Station and the surrounding Dry Valleys and Mt Erebus, as a heavy equipment operator at the South Pole and Summit Station in Greenland, and as a logistics specialist on the Antarctic Peninsula. Previously, Lisa was a backpacking guide in the Sierra Nevada and an outdoor survival instructor in the red rock desert of Southern Utah.

While in McMurdo, Lisa was a field coordinator for several segments of the BBC’s Frozen Planet series. Lisa has also worked as the prop-master for four seasons of the craft beer and travel TV series Brew Dogs, and as a photographer for Sarah Bush Dance Project. Lisa was the producer for an American Himalayan Foundation event with the Dalai Lama.

Lisa’s photos are in the National Science Foundation’s US Antarctic Photo Library and were recently featured in a local PBS TV segment about the California Academy of Sciences “Citizen Scientists” project. Lisa’s photographs have been printed in the San Francisco Chronicle, The SF Examiner, SF Bay Times, SF/ Arts, and InDance; and they have appeared online in the HuffPost, Berkeleyside, the Daily Californian, Dance Anywhere, and KQED’s The Do List.

lh ice mask.JPG